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Massive changes to blood sugar levels or your waistline

Are you absolutely DONE with not knowing how to lower your blood sugars?

Would you do anything to get rid of that stubborn weight that won't seem to go away no matter what you do?

Does the thought of getting more conflicting information make you want to tear your hair out?

If you answered yes to any of these,

you are not alone…

you see, only a few years ago, I was in the exact same position as you are now

I wasn't always a health coach helping my clients live happy and healthy lives. I didn’t even know what lifestyle changes were… how to approach them or what it meant to set a health goal, make a change and be able to sustain it for the betterment of my health and my life.

In fact, I was just a regular girl, struggling to grapple with my diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes, wondering how this happened to me and feeling hopeless about what to do and where to go from here… 

And then one day, my life turned around completely when I discovered the CCC Method!

And now I want to share the exact same method with you so that you too can get the same results. But before I do that, let me talk about the REAL issue here:

➔ The REAL issue is that we have been lied to by the health industry and gurus who pretend to know what they are saying

➔ They tell us that we can’t eat the foods we love

➔ They tell us it is not possible to manage our wellbeing without overwhelm and panic

➔ They want us to remain stuck where we are because they benefit from our suffering

If you are one of the thousands who have been lied to by them you got to stop right now..... Because there is a better way

INTRODUCING the revolutionary process that will eliminate unpredictable blood sugar levels

without strict diets and harsh exercises so that

you can maintain an optimal weight, feel energized and live a long & happy life!

And now I want to share the exact same method with you so that you too can get the same results.

Discover how to effortlessly shed pounds without feeling burdened by strict diets or gruelling workouts so that you can finally have lasting weight loss results!

Learn how to curb those cravings so that you can finally feel a profound shift in your physical well-being

Figure out how to master your blood sugars with my evidence-based methodology so you can finally be in control of your health 


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The Sweet Life Beginnings!

They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago & the second best time is NOW.

I say the same about your overall health and lifestyle choices.


Because not taking action now could have serious consequences.

And I’m here to help you avoid that at all cost!

Monthly Trainings on health and wellness from me

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Here's why you should trust me when it comes to managing your health:

"My session with Pooja was phenomenal!!

She helped me get a deeper understanding, that food is our medicine. Not only did she give me a fantastic plant based meal ideas, so i can obtain a healthier lifestyle, also how to lose some unwanted weight. Pooja is delightful and i highly recommend her."

- Laura


With her guidance, I learned AND IMPLEMENTED SIMPLE STRATEGIES SEAMLESSLEY. From SEEING ALMOST INSTANT RESULTS IN MY OWN HEALTH AND BEING ABLE TO DO THESE WITH MY FAMILY, is truly LIFE CHANGING. Pooja's delightful personality made the whole process enjoyable. I highly recommend her for a holistic approach to nutrition, habits, and structured living"

- Mel

Meet Pooja Graham, a Certified Life, Health, and Wellness Coach with nearly two decades of experience in thriving with Type 2 Diabetes.

Having explored numerous diets and trends, Pooja has developed a unique and successful blend of strategies to help her clients maintain happy and health lives.

With a personal history of living well with Type 2 Diabetes and even being able to manage her health during her pregnancies, Pooja brings empathy, understanding, and proven methods to her transformative work.

Pooja Graham, Certified Life Coach

If you see yourself living a health nightmare on a daily basis, then let me put on my detective hat and tell you why you are still stuck here..

Maybe it is the fact that you believe there are no programs or approaches that can cater to your unique requirements, medical history, and lifestyle in effectively regulating your blood sugar levels and achieving weight loss.

Or maybe it is because you have tried to find a solution, but you have been overwhelmed with conflicting advice and information from various sources, making it difficult to determine the best course of action.

Or maybe even the fact that you are trapped in emotional eating patterns, using food as a means of seeking solace or alleviating stress, which has contributed to your undesirable weight and elevated blood sugar levels. Breaking free from this cycle and discovering healthier coping mechanisms has proven to be a considerable challenge.

Or maybe the absence of a support system has regrettably eluded you. You lack a robust network or community of individuals who truly comprehend your circumstances and can provide unwavering support, encouragement, and accountability.


You stand to lose the opportunity to improve your blood sugar levels and safeguard your family's future. Without proper management, high blood sugar can lead to a range of complications, such as heart disease and organ failure, which could have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. 

You stand to suffer from the emotional toll that comes with struggling to make lasting changes and falling into unhealthy habits. Guilt, shame, and a lack of self-confidence may arise, affecting your mental well-being and overall quality of life. Additionally, the instability caused by high blood sugar can lead to frequent mood swings and heightened emotions, impacting your relationships and daily interactions. 

You might even get more disheartened and defeated as time goes on without seeing any improvements. And investing significant amounts of money on medical bills without achieving the desired results can leave you feeling helpless and demoralized. 

With every passing day, you miss out on the simple pleasures of life, such as playing with your children or grandchildren, due to limited mobility and lack of stamina caused by weight and health issues. This can lead to feelings of regret and frustration, as you are unable to fully participate in cherished moments with your loved ones.

The longer you wait, the more overwhelming and confusing the abundance of contradicting information online and from various health professionals becomes.

The time will pass anyway...

By not taking action now, you risk prolonging your struggles and missing out on the opportunity to improve your physical and mental health. Don't let the costs associated with not solving the problem weigh you down. Trust in our expertise and guidance to provide you with the support and solutions you need to overcome the challenges of high blood sugar and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The best part is that you can get started right now for a fraction of what most medical bills will cost you.

Here’s what you should do next if you are ready to change your lifestyle, meet your health goals and be able to sustain them for years and years to come.

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I can’t wait to welcome you in and support you on your journey to a long, happy and healthy life!

Pooja Graham, Certified Life Coach 2023